Tuesday, April 29, 2014

RSA 04/28/2014

This week we have a very special show for everyone. An unexpected guest show, as a long time listener and one could argue contributor to RSA sent me a completed show a few weeks ago. A number of you will have heard me mention Wolf on a few occasions as I mangle my way through the German language. Wolf has helped correct my pronunciation practically since he first started listening in 1999. This week, enjoy his show!

Concrete Rage - Face To Face (Inline Sex Terror)
Stahlschlag - Tanz des Terrors
Die Krupps - Der Amboss (Client)
Deviant UK - We Have A Technical
Diorama - Advance
Davantage - Split And Shatter
Karl Bartos - 15 Minutes Of Fame
Welle Erdball - Wir Horen Mit
Patenbrigade Wolff - Die Ungenauigkeit


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

RSA 04/21/2014

The few people who received mangled or defective prizes from the membership drive have had their replacement prizes shot off in the mail, so I think we're good for another year and I can get to work making the best darn RSA that I can! Thanks to the Easter long weekend I was able to get the show put together rapidly enough, but then I procrastinated on the site. You just can't win!

Technomancer - D-MN (Zone Tripper)
Advance - Weapon Of Choice
Espermachine - Elements
Zone Tripper - Voyager (Edit)
Diversant 13 - Long Road (De_Source)
Cryogenic Echelon - Counterfeit God (Face Like Echoes)
Halo Effect - The Big Lie
Ubermensch - The Razor Skyline (Skullcrusher Stomp)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

RSA 04/14/2014

So no-one took me up on my quiz last week to spot the error I made in RSA. So I might as well give the answer away. I managed to play the same track by Client two weeks in a row. Still doesn't beat the week I played the same song twice in one show about ten years ago or so...

Attrition - Narcissist (Angst Pop)
Halo Effect - Total Recall (Lights Of Euphoria)
God Module - Nothing But Mine
Information Society - Land Of The Blind
Mondtraume - Plastic Girl (Led Manville)
Mental Discipline - Butterfly (Unity One)
Extize - Thunder (Violet Light Syndrome)
Lyronian - Auf Wiedersehen


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

RSA 04/07/2014

I sit at home, sick with a minor stomach bug, surrounded by cats. I don't think there is a more appropriate environment for working on an internet radio show. Everyone should have received thier prizes by now, if you haven't, drop me a line and we'll figure something out. You can also play a neat game on the RSA facebook page this week, it's called spot the error in this weeks show! Points will not be awarded for correcting my Swedish. :)

Information Society - Land Of The Blind (Inertia)
Berlin Babylon - Night and Day
Mental Discipline - Butterfly
Parralox - Ancient Times (Iris Extended)
Vision Talk - Icaros (Extended)
Client - Refuge (Ashbury Heights)
Junksista - Life Is Unfair (Essence Of Mind)
Diskodiktator - Inte sa svart (909 Mix)


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

RSA 03/31/2014

You know, I was actually working on getting the site updated last night. The show was done, I just had to do the tedious code updates, and we were golden. Then my internet connection went out. For once I would have been done a little bit early. Obviously there are higher powers at work here!

Cutoff Sky - My Game
Seelenacht - Out Of The Night (Club)
Erotic Elk - Burning Down Your House (Pankow)
Surveillance - Homeland Security
Diskodiktator - Inte sa svart (Beborn Beton)
Client - Refuge (Ashbury Heights)
Mental Discipline - Precious Paradise (Mind.In.A.Box)
Espermachine - Mindgames