Sunday, December 25, 2016

RSA 12/26/2016

Here we finally are. Putting a cap stone on the annus horribilis that was 2016. Can you beleive that the year tried to take Carrie Fisher too? Unbelievable. But I spent an entire weekend getting this show together for you wonderful people at the end of November. It was harder than most, as there was a lot of *really* good music this year. So I decided not to cut as much as I normally do, and give you a show over 81 minutes long. Please have a safe and happy holidays, and we'll see you all again in 2017! Metroland - Music Machine Mirreya - Grey (XMTP) Spark! - Maskiner Omnimar - Sadizm (Psyhound) Assemblage 23 - Bravery (Interface) Mondtraume - A Sea Of Distance (Avarice In Audio) Aesthetische - We Follow Blindly (Progressive) Psy'Aviah - Peace Paradox (Etasonic) Entrzelle - Total Progressive Collapse Stars Crusaders - Under Attack (Frozen Plasma) Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Summers Day Beborn Beton - She Cried (Extended Club) Celldweller - Heart On (Aesthetic Perfection) Rare Facture - Nothing Matters (Nature Of Wires)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

RSA 12/19/2016

So this, the last "regular" show of 2016 really isn't that ordinary as it goes out to one of our listeners, and someone who helped RSA out in a big way some 15 years ago. Sadly, we lost Vance Trancygier a couple of years ago and I only just found out. So this show is dedicated to his memory, and the hopes that I pay better attention to whats going on around me. Lets all hope that 2017 is a better year then the one thats coming to a close.

Mondtraume - Life Is Short (Cosmic Armchair)
Alien Nation - SM Citizens (Avarice In Audio)
Tolchock - Rage Love Fear (Club)
Mildreda - Fire (Psy'Aviah)
Faderhead - Sick City (October)
Seelennacht - Nostalgie
Substaat - Love Is A Shield
SITD - Brother Death

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

RSA 12/12/2016

Luckily this week my senility is at a low point, so I managed to remember to both get the show done and post it. In the immortal words of MC 900ft. Jesus: "Suppose I accidentally got my shit together..." We're only 2 weeks away from the annual best-of and then end of 2016! Buckle up buckaroos!

Syntec - Liberte
Arctic Sunrise - Silent Tears (Restriction 9)
Schwarzbund - Aether (Instrumental)
Llumen - Where We Collide (Psy'Aviah)
Liquid Divine - Now And Then
IIOIOIOII - We Are The One (Avarice In Audio)
Redstorm - Control (Transponder)
Sirus - Neon Dominion (Ginger Snap5)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

RSA 12/05/2016

We're getting into the home stretch, the end of 2016 is rapidly approaching, and we can finally leave our annus horribilis that was 2016 behind us. To make matter worse, I had everything ready to go yesterday and got caught up in my day job that I forgot to post the show. I realized just before I was about to watch the Westworld finale yesterday and kinda said "Crap. Tomorrow it is." So here's to Tuesday!

Psy'Aviah - Alone (Etasonic Edit)
Technolorgy - Fear And Desire
In Strict Confidence - Land Of Grace
Tolchock - Rage Love Fear (Aesthetiche)
Substaat - Elusive (Modulo One)
Adeonesis - Beyond Our Fears
SynthAttack - One Love (Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
Reaper - Footprint