Monday, April 27, 2009

RSA 04/27/2009

This week I decided to go a little more up tempo and clubby. I thought I was grabbing a whack of tracks around 140 BPM, but it turns out my ear isn't what it used to be and the beat count was much lower. But it's the flow and the frame of mind thats important. Not the mathematics. Remember kids, next month is listeners month! Be sure to email me your play list!

Blutengel - Winter Of My Life 2.0
Suicidal Romance - Lose Your Fears (Massiv In Mensch)
Steinkind - Ich Bin Zuruck
Frozen Plasma - Earthling (DJ)
Combichrist - The Kill
VNV Nation - Interceptor (ABM)
(X)-RX - Stage 2
Sara Noxx - Superior Love (Funker Vogt)

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Monday, April 20, 2009

RSA 04/20/2009

This week we delve into the darkest reaches of my mind. Thats right, we're going on a retrospective journey through some of the most ridiculous EBM of all time. From "English as a second language" lyrics to silly subject matter to "Do people actually listen to what they're listening to?" Yes, it's the best of the worst! Remember kids, next month is listeners month! Be sure to email me your play list!

Front Line Assembly - Life=Leben
Funker Vogt - Final Thrill
SPOCK - Klingon 2000 (Club)
Combichrist - This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Pankow - Me & My Ding Dong
Seabound - Exorcise
Spektralized - Learn & Teach
PBC - Close Your Eyes

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

RSA 04/13/2009

No old songs stuck in my head this week, but instead we have a "sneak preview" of what the listeners month could be like. Chris sent me a list of great new music to check out, and I decided to treat it like a listeners month play list. All you have to do is make up a list of 10 tracks, email it to me, and if I choose it from the pile of lists I'll make a show out of it, grab a photo from you and tell everyone about your wonderful taste in music!

Neurobash - Nothing New
Frozen Plasma - Earthling (Feat. CP247)
Red Cell - Lust
Oil 10 - The Beast
Suicidal Romance - Lose Your Fears (XP8)
Syntphonic - Dirty (Borderline)
Vacuum - The Void (Filterfokker)
Lorena C - Sin Razon (Silica Gel)

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Monday, April 6, 2009

RSA 04/06/2009

Another great week and another great show. Well, it's a great week because I'm on vacation and I've finally got the time to get about a billion silly little projects around the house started. Hopefully I'll even complete one or two. A great show because we delve into some more great new music and pop back a bit to 1998 for a song because I got it stuck in my head. I don't know where it came from but I'm exercising it out by playing it for you!

Illusion Of Light - Halbwahrheit
Red Flag - Across The Endless Sea (Dance)
Siva Six - Streetcleaner (XP8)
Disreflect - Fear Of Memory (Raindancer)
Chinese Theatre - I'm Leaving You Behind
The Azoic - Let Me Tell You Something (XP8)
Frozen Plasma - Earthling (Aqualite)
Hate Dept - Superdrama

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