Tuesday, September 24, 2013

RSA 09/23/2013

I had a pretty crap day at work today, so I originally planned to watch TV and eat junk food. But I remembered that I hadn't posted RSA yet, so back to "work" I go!

Aesthetic Perfefction - Dead Ringer
Stupre - Sad(istic) Sick Bitch
Hocico - Thy Kingdom Come
Desastroes - Like Burning Stars
.com_kill - Freaks Like Us
Leaetherstrip - Going Nowhere (Club)
Ruined Conflict - Treason (Club)
UDR - The Rest Will Be Written By Us


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

RSA 09/16/2013

As much as I love working on RSA each week, the show is fun, but damn the HTML work is a drag. But even though the web sites design is 10 years old, work must go on!

Apoptygma Berzerk - Major Tom (Coming Home)
Funker Vogt - The Firm
Covenant - Auto (Circulation)
Stok_Holm - Machine Code (Feel The Beat)
Logic Division - Bound (Remastered)
Desastroes - Moralverfall
Aesthetic Perfection - The Dark Half (BlakOpz)
Caustic - Massiv Agressiv


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RSA 09/09/2013

The fall rapidly approaches, school and university is back in session and brand new listeners find themselves googling for great music and somehow wind up here! Well to all those new to the show, welcome! We've got great new stuff for everyone this week!

Syrian - Fire In Your Eyes
Apoptygma Berzerk - Shadow (Technomancer)
Vanguard - A Certain End (Fearless)
Vaylon - Still So Wrong
Foretaste - The Prototype Of Love
Technomancer - Synchronized
Kartagon - One Day (Irrlicht)
Christopher Anton - In Silence (Rename Symphony)


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

RSA 09/02/2013

Back and caught up, and not only are we back on schedule but we have a show has a duration that I'm happy with. RSA should be up around 40 minutes or so each week, and we've played a fair bit of synthpop lately, and that seems to keep the show length down.

Leaetherstrip - When Blood Runs Dark (Club)
Desastroes - In Ewigkeit
Technomancer - Point.0
Interface - In Fidelity
Skyla Vertex - (Bis Auf's) Blut
Caustic - Must Have Pills
iVardensphere - Bonedance (Blush Response)
Kartagon - Rescue Me