Monday, August 29, 2011

RSA 08/29/2011

Another week rolls by and another week RSA appears on time. Stranger things have happened, but not often! This week we played "cleaning off Todd's desk" as I went through the stack of CDs and tried to pare down the detritus kicking around here. Next I have to tackle a stack of books I need to read, but looking for a job keeps getting in the way...

Necro Facility - Skrik
AutoKratz - RISE
Amnistia - Faceless
Unter Null - Everything Counts
Synthetixxx - Falsification
Cyanide Regime - We March
Zynic - Rescue Me (Iris)
Dance Or Die - Dance Or Die (Solitary Experiments)

Real Synthetic Audio

Monday, August 22, 2011

RSA 08/22/2011

Since last weeks show was a little late, I decided to make sure that this weeks show was just a little bit early. Plus the summer is slowly coming to an end, and with it the "summer hours" that allow me to work on RSA on a Monday morning. Great bunch of tracks for us all this week, with the fall release schedule picking up right on time.

Project Pitchfork - Run For Cover
Unitary - Renitent
Imperative Reaction - Surface (Club)
Davos - What I Prefer (L'Ame Immortelle)
Spreading Point - Turning Point (People Theatre)
God Module - Rituals
CTRL - Reason
Accessory - Folsom Prison Blues

Real Synthetic Audio -

Sunday, August 14, 2011

RSA 08/15/2011

Ah, the best laid plans are usually the ones that fall apart. I took last weekend off to take a mini vacation and do some serious cycling, and contacted Chris to do a fill in show. He got it all done only to have a hard drive die and take the show with it. But rather than give up, Chris has re-done the show and gotten it to me. So we didn't mean to miss a week, but it happened. Here's some great picks from Chris!

Dance or Die - 4 3 2
Necro Facility - Tuxedo (Tentacle)
Dreams Divide - Puppet
Solar Fake - Under The Skies
Unitary - Zenith
Flux - Ebon (Radio Edit)
Synthetixxx - Falcification (Mental Discipline)
Calfskin - Light Burns All

Real Synthetic Audio

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RSA 08/01/2011

August is now upon us, and in Ontario that means a nice long weekend. Doesn't make that much of a difference when you're still looking for work, but it does mean that the bike club I'm a member of had group rides all long weekend. RSA lost out for the chance to ride along the lakeshore. But never fear, it may be a day late, but it is here!

Extize - Requiem D Moll (Electrodivamix)
Cyanide Regime - We March (Komor)
Terrolokaust - Hateful Inminent Dose
Terrorgazm - Synthetik (Wynardtage)
Sleepwalk - Dig Your Grave (Painbastard)
Accessory - She Says It Feels Good
Covenant - Voices (Optocoded)
Haujobb - Dead market (Absolute Body Control)

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