Tuesday, October 28, 2014

RSA 10/27/2014

Took off from work early today to work on one of my bikes. Got that done nice and early, so I have no excuse not to get this weeks awesome show up for you all! I'm glad Walking Dead is on the weekend. All work around here halts for TWD!

Information Society - Land Of The Blind
More Machine Than Man - Something Ventured Nothing Gained (RiB)
Electro Spectre - Heartbeat (Mondtraeume)
System FX - FKD (SysFx)
Voicecoil - Pulse
HarmJoy - Pain Decay (Edit)
Sleepless Droids - I Waited
Twisted Destiny - Moments


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

RSA 10/20/2014

For some reason I thought that the Americans had thanksgiving this weekend. I was incorrect. I thought I had a bit of extra time. I was incorrect. So instead I came home from work today and started right in on RSA. Nothing like working on a computer all day and then coming home and doing the same!

Ginger Snap5 - Waiting For... (Pride And Fall)
Voicecoil - Vision
Labratory 5 - Awake In The Dark (Zone Tripper)
The Crystalline Effect - How I Get Out (Cellmod)
Shiv-R - Wolves
HarmJoy - Whispers And Rumours (Edit)
De'LectriX - Angst In Dir (Edit)
Aesthetische - Bittersweet (Diana S)


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

RSA 10/13/2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! I would have had this up earlier, but I was too busy stuffing my face yesterday with Ham. In fact, I think I'll be stuffing my face with ham a lot for the next few days as we have a great deal of leftovers...

Dreams Divide - Our Creation
Pride And Fall - Turn The Lights On (Pride and Fall)
Rotersand - Lifelight (XP8)
Cutoff Sky - My Game (2014)
E-Craft - Revolts Blood Part 2
Torul - All (Rob Dust)
Aesthetische - One In This World (Mari Kattman)
Agonoize - Death By Stereo


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

RSA 10/06/2014

Slowly summer turns to fall and the amount of time I have to spend indoors and work on RSA increases. Soon the cycling season will be over and I'll be back to finding new excuses as to why RSA hasn't been posted on Sunday evening! Until then, I bring you...

Torul - All (Binary Park)
Sleepless Droids - Augmented
Aesthetische - Aydhium
Electro Spectre - Heartbeat (Apodyopsis vs. Ice Machine)
Metroland - Thalys (Northern Kind)
HarmJoy - Your Best Weapon
Ginger Snap5 - Polaris (Ruined Conflict)
Voicecoil - Above & Beyond