Monday, July 27, 2009

RSA 07/27/2009

D'oh! Nothing like realizing at the end of the day that you completely forgot to post RSA! This weeks theme show is more or less brought to us by Mikael Kaivo-Oja who suggested a "time warp" show. Imagine that RSA was around back in 1996. Actually, I just went back to my club days in 1996 and did a show that would have been done at the same time. Scary to think that RSA actually started 2 years later...

Spahn Ranch - Heretics Fork
X Marks The Pedwalk - Abbatoir (Razormaid)
Cyber-Tec Project - Let Your Body Die (Birmingham 6)
Front 242 - Quite Unusual (Extended)
Contagion - Ingest
Cubanate - Angeldust
Excessive Force - Blitzkrieg (Sturzkampf)
A Split Second - Rigor Mortis

Check it out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

RSA 07/20/2009

As quickly as we begin the theme shows we take a break. I think I'm going to do them on a one week on, one week off schedule for the summer. I don't want the show to get repetetive in any way. So we're back with what is the "usual" for RSA this week with a mixture of the old and the new, including something from the brand new Neuroactive disc!

Neuroactive - How It Feels
Moodorgan - Treasure (A23)
Schwarzblut - Leave In Silence
A Spell Inside - Keener
Diffuzion - Sacred
Angels On Acid - Misery Loves Company (Virtual Descent)
Empire State Human - Seeing Stars
Boytronic - Blue Velvet (Razormaid)

Check it out!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

RSA 07/13/2009

Thus we begin the very first of several "theme" shows. Most of the suggestions I've gotten have been a little been there, done that. A covers show has been done, and the "tribute to a label" thing is pretty pointless with anyone other than Wax Trax, which again has been done. So I decided to think outside the box a bit and get random. Here's a show where all of the bands names start with the letter "A"! Keep the suggestions coming! Nothings too strange for me!

Assemblage 23 - Purgatory
A Split Second - Flesh (Maxi)
Angels & Agony - Into The Sun
Auto Aggression - Das Nyquist Theorem
Access Zero - Years Of Wasted Time
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis 3000 (Club)
Angel Theory - Black and Blue (LOE)
Accessory - Secret Culture (GO) - RIP Billy "Red" Lyons

Sunday, July 5, 2009

RSA 07/06/2009

Sorry about the lack of a show last week, but I figured I deserved a short break to coincide with our national holiday, Canada Day. I'm probably going to take a few other weeks off during the summer, but I'm going to plan ahead for them and get shows done in advance. Get ready for a summer of theme shows! If you have any ideas for theme shows, drop me a line! I'd like to hear about them!

The Cyberchrist Project - A Piece Of Me (Club)
VNV Nation - Art Of Conflict
Solitary Experiments - Static
Wynardtage - Seven Years
Legacy Of Music - Sacrifice (Angels & Agony)
Obscenity Trial - Ubers Wasser Gehen (Don't Dance)
Experiment Haywire - Mean Enough Hot Enough (Vicious)
Reizstrom - Dynamo (Stahlfrequenz)

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