Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RSA 09/24/2012

After another marathon session we've got a great new show for you! All of the labels are getting the Christmas release schedule ready so we've got a great set of new music for everyone!

Dismantled - Disease (God Module)
Level 2.0 - Whirlwind
Lights Of Euphoria - Schwarze Sonne (Shiv-R)
Unity One - Infrared (Mental Discipline)
Substaat - Guilty Pleasure
Velvet Acid Christ - Mysteric
X Marks The Pedwalk - Don't Lie To Me
Black Heaven - Laechelnd Geht Die Welt Zugrunde


Monday, September 17, 2012

RSA 09/17/2012

Well the leaves are turning colour here in Canada, so I'm not spending all of my time in the saddle of a bicycle. This means shows done on time! Sigh, back to the normal schedule for RSA!

Enter And Fall - Back In Time
Nothing Nada - Key Of Life (Axi)
X-RX - Escalate
Extize - Psychodynamic
Grendel - Deep Waters (Aqualite)
Assemblage 23 - The Noise Inside My Head
XP8 - Trip (Kommand+Kontrol)
Darker Days Tomorrow - Tempest

Real Synthetic Audio

Sunday, September 9, 2012

RSA 09/10/2012

As it turns out, I never did get cracking on last weeks show. But sometimes life events are just so huge that you have to take a step back and evaluate your priorities. Last week something came up that RSA was clearly less important than. However, I've gotten a couple of shows done so that I have a bit of a buffer. We should be free and clear for the rest of 2012!

Extize - Arschloch Alarm
Grendel - Out Of My Mind (XP8)
Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Rakentenschlag (Phosgore)
Vaylon - Insomnia
Diskonnekted - Yesteryears (Club)
De/Vision - Superhuman
Darker Days Tomorrow - Idol
Psy'Aviah - OK (Metroland)