Monday, December 27, 2010

RSA 12/27/2010

This is it! The show you have all been waiting for! Welcome to what are in my opinion the best tracks of 2010. Enjoy your holidays, and we'll see you back here on January 10th!

Code 64 - Stasis (Elec This!)
Culture Kultur - Toxic Pulse
Patenbrigade Wolff - IM: Benecke
Suicide Commando - God Is In The Rain (v2.0 Club)
In Strict Confidence - Silver Bullets (Club)
Mind In A Box - 8 Bits (Club)
The Crystalline Effect - Ada Makes The Machines Sing
Solitary Experiments - Glory & Honour (15th Anniversary)
Corporate Soldiers - Apart From You (A23)
Interface - Body Flow (Level 2.0)
Ashbury Heights - I Can Kill You So Easily
Edge Of Dawn - Falling
Grendel - Chemicals + Circuitry (Modulate)

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RSA 12/20/2010

Welcome to the penultimate RSA of 2010, the one where I finally realize that I have to spend the the next week and a bit pouring through everything I've played through the year and start making my picks. Next weeks show will also be the annual "holidays" show as I take a week off afterwards to recover from Christmas, New Years, and the complete lack of exercise the holidays entail.

Method Cell - Push
Code 64 - Masquerade (KC Killjoy)
Shiv-R - Zeitgeist (PreEmptive Strike 0.1)
Massiv In Mensch - Transformation II (MIAB)
Cause And Effect - Happy
Edge Of Dawn - Stage Fright (Splitter)
Solitary Experiments - Rise and Fall (Kontrollverlust)
Detroit Diesel - Normandy

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Monday, December 13, 2010

RSA 12/13/2010

So with the office move done and the cold all taken care of, I'm now expected to do ym own show by myself. Drat, isn't there some excuse I can use for not getting it done? No. Well, the here's a great new set of brand new stuff for you, just in time for less than 2 weeks before Christmas!

Soman - Noistyle
Supercraft - Shiver & Burn (Exilnation)
Inertia vs. Mechanical Cabaret - Johnny, Remember Me (Cabaret)
F.P. - Lost Generation (Edit)
F.O.D. - Maschinetanz
Shiv-R - Dead Eyes
Edge Of Dawn - Up (A Cold Case)
Solitary Experiments - Rise and Fall (Lthrboots Hard)

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

RSA 12/06/2010

One office move plus one bad cold equals even a guest show arriving late. Couple with that the fact that Chris went above and beyond in making an extra long double show for us, well, that slowed the code down as well. But then Chris had a look at my lousy code, declared it obsolete, and replaced it. We all owe him a great debt!

Angelzoom - The Things You Said (Club Mix)
Provision - Love Like Machinery
Method Cell - Curse Of A Modern Age
Code 64 - Higher Ground (Essence Of Mind Remix)
Razorfade - Liberation
Illusion Of Light - Ameisenstaat (Channel East Remix)
Dekad - Dive (Foretaste Remix)
Moonlight Cove - I Don't Wanna Go
Blutengel - Promised Land (Ship Of Fools Remix)
Encephalon - Daylight
Vaylon - Strange Behavior
Minerve - Take Me Higher (Biomekkanik Remix)
Nordstrøm - Lykkeligt Glemt
Jens Bader - Highly Civilized
Dual Density - Fake (Extended Remix by [L]aux)
Ad Inferna - Celeste
Rotersand - Waiting To Be Born (Rework)
MAU - Arkanoid
Styrofoam - Carolyn

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RSA 11/29/2010

This has to be a first for RSA. This week the show and site are being updated while I work remotely from my companies new office. I have my notebook tethered to my iphone, and man is it slow. But slow or not, the how must go on!

Legacy Of Music - Nasty
F.P. - Lost Generation (Karaoke)
Spektralized - The End Will Fall
Corporate Soldiers - Apart From You
FOD - Angels
Combichrist - Slave To Machine
Konzept - Hypnautic Beats (Razormaid)
Orange Sector - Kids In America

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