Sunday, June 27, 2010

RSA 06/28/2010

Laziness loses out this week! Actually, more accurately I finally have working sound hardware again. So here's the show you should have heard last week. We've got a good one for you, all chock full of new music as we bid farewell to listeners month, and get back to normal!

X Marks The Pedwalk - Runaway
Edge Of Dawn - Stage Fright
Noisuf-X - Fire
Cryo - Counting Down Again
System Syn - The Inconvenient
Waves Under Water - Danslokal
In Strict Confidence - Von Hier Bis Zur Unendlichkeit
Shiv-R - Burning Chrome

Real Synthetic Audio

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RSA 06/14/2010

Welcome to the ongoing proof that Todd is a lazy so and so! Yup, thats right, this week I dove into a few personal favorites that have been knocking around my brain for a few weeks, hopefully playing them here will get them outta my head!

Funker Vogt - Tragic Hero (APB)
Iris - Sorrow Expert (Crucible)
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
Sabotage - Les Fleurs Du Mal
Leaetherstrip - Go Fuck Your Ass Off
A Split Second - Rigor Mortis
Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia (Extended)
Solitary Experiments - Paradox (E-Motion)

Real Synthetic Audio

Monday, June 7, 2010

RSA 06/07/2010

And thus it comes to an end, the final week of listeners month. This week the show was picked out by Penelope Asuras. Penelope was chosen pretty much at random, but has the distinction of being the first person to send in a play list. Thank you all for your submissions!

The Azoic - Conflict
Reaper - Memento Mori
God Module - Levitation
Rotersand - I Cry
Spetsnaz - Truth
Solitary Experiments - Rise and Fall
Essence Of Mind - Here To Play
Tactical Sekt - American Me

Real Synthetic Audio - Check it out!