Friday, January 31, 2014

RSA 02/03/2014

We're early. Several days early. But let me explain. Every year we do our annual membership drive, beg for money, and keep RSA going for your enjoyment. But this year I'm visiting my parents for a week during the drive! So rather than postpone anything I put my nose to the grind stone and got a couple of shows done recently. Next week might be a day late, but you will get a complete year of shows. I promise!

Suicide Commando - Unterwelt (Reaper)
Mordacious - Blood and Sodomy
WANT/ed - Start To Live (Kant Kino)
X-In June - The Devil
Solar Fake - I'd Rather Break
Flatline - Your Love
Voster - Head To Heels In Steel
Diversant 13 - Long Road (Native Society)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

RSA 01/27/2014

...and as soon as I'm done with one cold, I get hit by another. I just can't win this winter. But you guys sure can, as this weeks show comes just a wee bit early. Why you ask? Well, I'm heading south in a few days to visit with my retiree parents, so I have to have next weeks show done early. this pushes everything ahead, including your enjoyment this week! Remember, next week begins the annual membership drive! Prizes-a-plenty to be won!

Xenturion Prime - Cryoscope
Technomancer - Path Of Destruction (Re-Spektralized)
iVardensphere - Break The Sky (Tactical Sekt)
Wynardtage - Home
Suicide Commando - Unterwelt (Wynardtage)
Cryogenic Echelon - 14 N' Flawless (Gothsicles)
Mechanical Cabaret - I Lost My Friend To a Video Game
Sensuous Enemy - Intentions (2nd City)

Monday, January 20, 2014

RSA 01/20/2014

Would you believe that pretty much as soon as I got over the flu, I was flattened by a cold? I can hardly wait to get out of this arctic wasteland so I can hang out with retirees in Florida. But never fear, there shall be no more missed shows! Plenty of great new music for everyone!

XP8 - Night Run (Syrian)
Massiv In Mensch - Intelligence (Ton Sur Ton)
Blakopz - Before The Rust (Cryogenic Echelon)
OKB - La Contrasena
Solar Fake - Face Me
The .Invalid - Cry Wolf (Sleepless)
X-In June - Dream Catcher
Shatoo - Dangertown (2013 Extended)

Monday, January 13, 2014

RSA 01/13/2014

A week late. I must apologize, but last week I was floored by a really bad case of the flu. But I'm healthy again, so we can get a great new show out for 2014 for everyone!

Xenturion Prime - Power Run
OBK - Besame Hasta Morir
Technoir - We Fall From Grace
Twisted Destiny - Your Fantasy (FOD)
The .Invalid - Breaksequence (Mangadrive)
Endanger - My Dear
Cryogenic Echelon - Rays Of A Neon Sun
!Distain - America (Texas)