Tuesday, May 28, 2013

RSA 05/27/2013

We're now officially back to summer hours as cycling takes up the entirety of my weekends. Plus this week I finally got my hands on a new notebook so I've spent the last several hours setting stuff up. But before I finish that job I have to get a great new show out on the site for you!

Massiv In Mensch - The Way To Oblivion (Melotron)
Solitary Experiments - Trial And Error (Splitter)
Alkemic Generator - Wish (Interface)
Moon 74 - How I Feel (Ginger Snap5)
Implant - CCCPCCTV
Vision Anomaly - Percepcion Emulada (Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
Imperative Reaction - Siphon (Blaqk Audio)
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Summoning Her Iron Golem


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RSA 05/20/2013

The Victoria day weekend (known in Canada as the May 2-4 weekend, after the size of a case of beer) is now behind us, and I am a wee bit late as I spent my long weekend cycling. But I never forgot about you nice folks, and I've got a great new show for you! See if you can spot the mistake I made in the show this week!

Dark Control Operation - Proud Soldier
Shadow System - Feel Me Fuck Me (De Tot Cor)
Suicide Commando - When Evil Speaks (Shiv-R)
Solitary Experiments - Trial And Error (Rotersand)
Imperative Reaction - Side Effect (Club)
Moon 74 - How I Feel (Frozen Plasma)
Nun - Stop! (People Theatre)
Cynical Existence - I'm Broken (Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1)

Real Synthetic Audio

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

RSA 05/13/2013

An afternoon sifting through my back catalogue looking for new tracks to add to my phone have given us a nice combination of brand new and awesome not so new. What can I say? I have a soft spot for The Crystalline Effect.

The Crystalline Effect - Jagged Edges (Negative Format)
Blind Passenger - You
God Module - The Ones We Love (Club)
Blank - Eigengrau
Nun - Burn (Single)
John B Feat. Code 64 - The Journey (Metrik)
Alkemic Generator - Illusion (Rotersand)
Code Red Core - May Day


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RSA 05/07/2013

You know, after more than 15 years I'm actually running out of things to say. Me Todd. Me play good music. You listener. You listen to show and love it. Urk Urk Urk. Thats my best monkey noise. I could probably mispronounce words in Simian languages too...

Spektralized - Children Of Tomorrow (Komor)
Unitary - Maelstrom
Cellmod - Hunting Salvation (Mangadrive)
Wynardtage - I'm Not Your God (Prayer Mix)
Mordacious - Kingdom Of Fire
Interface - It Begins Today (Single)
God Module - The Ones We Love (Parallel)
Diversant 13 - When We Are Dead (Ginger Snap5)