Monday, July 29, 2013

RSA 07/29/2013

I'm on vacation this week, so no excuses for having the show not done on time. Just counting down the days now until my big bike trip to Montreal, so there will be a week off shortly, but this will be the last absence of 2013! Swear!

Terrolokaust - Falling Away From Me
Sonik Foundry - Into The Storm (Ruined Conflict)
Essence Of Mind - Escape (Henrik Backstrom)
XP8 - Inside Their Heads
Funker Vogt - Martian On The Moon
Psy'Aviah - Look Beyond
Mental Discipline - We Are No Machines
Tyske Ludder - Bambule (Steril)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RSA 07/22/2013

I'd sit here and try to make legitimate excuses for why the show is a day late this week, but it seriously comes down to me finishing the show last night, eating dinner, and falling asleep on the couch watching Venture Bros. So I gathered up the files I need to edit this morning and now I'm finishing this at work. Fitting, as I'll be editing SQL code all day anyhow...

Ginger Snap5 - Shadow Ghost (Edit)
Psy'Aviah - Look Beyond (Dimension Flux)
Funker Vogt - Gott Noch Nicht (Extended)
Moon.74 - We Are (People Theatre)
Foretaste - Porn Star Baby
Terrolokaust - Me Niego!
Blume - Western Rust (Interface)
Project Rotten - Freakshow (PsioniC)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

RSA 07/15/2013

Not even a heatwave keeps me away from my appointed task of slaving over a hot hard drive to bring you wonderful people a new show. Though I will admit that I waited until the temperature started going down before heading in to my un air conditioned office. I bet you might even be able to hear my little fan in the background.

Covenant - Last Dance (Version)
Alkemic Generator - When We Fail (Vourteque Steamcrusher)
Supercraft - Stranded (Technomancer)
Inertia - Streaming (Youth)
In Strict Confidence - Silver Tongues (Myer)
Kartagon - One Day (Patenbrigade Wolff)
Technomancer - Vision
Funker Vogt - Warrior Of The World

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RSA 07/08/2013

I almost forgot that I had to update the site after spending the evening finishing off the show. This is what happens when you take a break for an hour or so and start watching Archer. Is that how you lose track of time Barry? Yes it is other Barry.

Interface - It Begins Today (Eric's Club Revolution)
Alkemic Generator - When We Fail (E93 NYC Club)
Terrolokaust - The Way It Must Be
Suicide Commando - In Guns We Trust
Surgyn - Sharp As Stars (The Ladder)
Covenant - Last Dance
Vision Anomaly - Percepcion Emulada (HertzMaschine)
Implant - The City (Diffuzion)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RSA 07/01/2013

The vacation is over, a good 575km were cycled, and its back nose to the grindstone to bring you a brand new show! I slaved away on Canada Day to bring you some great new stuff as we close out a few new releases!

Spreading Point - Space Age Rmance (People Theatre)
Zynic - Dead End (Club Mix)
Supercraft - Faded (Club Cut)
RedLine - Sky Ocean Ships
Skyla Vertex - Begriffsgewalt (Frozen Plasma)
Moon.74 - How I Feel (Syrian)
Neuroticfish - Former Me
Ginger Snap5 - Break Me Down (Cold In May)