Monday, March 26, 2012

RSA 03/26/2012

Apologies for not having a show last week, but I was busy moving! We're now nearly completely unpacked, so I have a new RSA up for your listening pleasure! I also have Wednesday and Friday off work, and set aside for mailing prizes and DVDs. Keep a sharp eye on your mailbox!

Nachtmahr - Gerauschplatten
Mind.In.A.Box - Sanctuary (Interface)
Blitzmaschine - Blondes Maedchen (Mesh)
Moonlight Cove - Stay Forever Away (Lazzo Club)
Haujobb - Lets Drop Bombs
Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman
Faderhead - This Machine
Goteki - The Death Of Nevada Dawn (Inertia)

Real Synthetic Audio

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RSA 03/12/2012

We're a couple of days late, but thats almost planned. There won't be a show next week as I will be moving, and won't really have the time to work on a new show. But we'll be back the week after and I'll be mailing out the membership DVDs and prizes almost as soon as we've moved!

XP8 - Burning Down
Nachtmahr - Verrater an Gott (Memmaker)
Aesthetic Perfection - The 11th Hour (Hocico)
Blutengel - Anders Sein
Assemblage 23 - Raw (Interface)
Mind In A Box - Cause And Effect (Club)
Re_Legion - Sentinel (Stronghold)
Everything Goes Cold - The Iron Fist Of Just Destruction

Real Synthetic Audio

Monday, March 5, 2012

RSA 03/05/2012

The membership drive is over! Thank you all so very much! Of course, I am packing like crazy for a move in less than 2 weeks, so the prizes will go out once I've moved. Plus because I'm so crazy busy I'm wussing out and using a Chris guest show this week! Once again, thank you all, including Chris!

Wireframes - Terrarium
The Azoic - Corruption (Encoder Remix)
Aesthetic Perfection - The 11th Hour
Distorted Memory - Illusion
XP8 - One True God (Mk2.3)
Haujobb - Machine Drum (Unknown Remix)
Acretongue - Strange Cargo
Cryo - Singularity (Future Population Mix)

Real Synthetic Audio!