Wednesday, June 29, 2016

RSA 06/27/2016

Back from my first cycling trip of the summer, had a lot of mechanical issues, but I did manage to get a good 350km in. So first thing I did when I got home yesterday was get cracking on RSA, and I think we've got a really good show for everyone this week!

Stoppenberg - Liberty (Destillat)
Advance - Calm Before The Storm (Biomechanimal)
Binary Division - Hacker
POS.2 - Tonight (Cyborgdrive)
Vanguard - Never Let Go
Insight - Fame (Neosynth)
Vaylon - Under The Sea
Synapsyche - Hate And Psyche

Friday, June 24, 2016

RSA 06/20/2016

Hot hot hot in the city of Toronto, which leaves me being brief in this weeks show as I try to get RSA done as fast as I can so I can escape my un-air conditioned studio. But quality was not sacrificed to bring you this weeks awesome show! Next week we'll definitely be a few days late as I take my first weeks vacation of the summer.

SynthAttack - Feed My Rage (Noisuf-X)
Alien Vampires - Lock It
Advance - Calm Before The Storm
Terrolokaust - The Damage Is Done
The Panic Lift - Paper Mask
Patenbrigade Wolff - Energia Buran
Insight - Damage (In Good Faith)
POS.2 - Tonight (Restriction 9)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

RSA 06/13/2016

I won't bore you with more news of Canadian weather, but draw your own conclusions based on the fact that RSA is up on time this week. Next weekend I'll be away, so I've already started working on next weeks show. Guaranteed I'll be posting it late though.

Psy'Aviah - Peace Paradox
Celldweller - Metropolitan (Zardonic)
The Firm Incorporated - Abgebrannt
Antibody - Shrimps (Binary Division)
Circuito Cerrado - 8 Bit Bitch (Short)
Hydroxie - Diktator
Mildreda - Rush
Ost+Front - Sternekinder (Aurasvera)

Friday, June 10, 2016

RSA 06/06/2016

A rainy Sunday means that I have plenty of time to get RSA done on time. But I can pretty much guarantee we'll be on the "Tuesday" schedule for the next few weeks. But we've got a great show for you all with tonnes of great new music!

Amorphous - Lucid Dreams (Serpents)
Halo Effect - My Mistakes
Sirus - LOIC (Grendel)
Patenbrigade Wolff - TU-144
Syrian - Musika Atomika (Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1)
Mental Discipline - Butterly (Unity One)
Ultima Bleep - Hysteria (Rico Hullermeier)
Avarice In Audio - Adam And Eve

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

RSA 05/30/2016

We're definitely into the summer schedule, things will generally be posted on Tuesdays until September-ish. When I actually get the show done, I'll post a direct link on Twitter, so you don't really have to wait for me to update the site

Terrolokaust - Pay The Price
Lights Of Euphoria - Stripped (Soman)
The Panic Lift - Paper Mask (Modulate)
Parralox - Somebody II (Midnight Resistance)
Mental Discipline - WDYWFM (A23)
Syrian - Fire In Your Eyes (Mental Discipline)
State Of The Nation - Departed (DrKorg)
Vanguard - A Different Story