Sunday, April 13, 2008

RSA 04/14/2008

My Sunday morning would not be complete without getting RSA posted. Of course my DSL is going up and down like a cheap whore on welfare cheque day, so this is getting a little frustrating. Hopefully things will stay up long enough that I can get this out to you! Remember, the new T Shirts are now ready to order!

Boole - Sasquatch
Run Level Zero - Hey Mister
Blank - Nuclear
Rotersand - Lost (Re-Stretched)
Seabound - Exorcise
Iris - Lands Of Fire (Mesh)
Syrian - Supernova (Marion Gold)
Dawn Of Ashes - Potrait Of Homicide

Check it out!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

RSA 04/07/2008

No partying and no hangover makes for a show posted on time! We've got some great new tunes this week as well as some great news. Some time this week we'll be starting pre-orders of the new RSA T-Shirts. The order should go in very shortly, but I want to get a better idea of the demand. So until then, here's some great new music for you all!

Seabound - Poisonous Friend
Wumpscut - Oh How It Feels
Red Flag - Born Again (Extended)
Distain - Mandragore (Peter Rainman)
Iris - New Invaders
FOD - Free Again
XP8 - Waiting
Unter Art - Open End

Check it out!