Sunday, April 22, 2012

RSA 04/23/2012

The weather was pretty crap all weekend here in Toronto, so my loss is your gain. Rather than spend time cycling I was hard at work playing with kittens and editing audio files to bring you this weeks show! Stray - Remember Me (Interface) Zero-EQ - B.S.D. Foretaste - What About Me (Tourdeforce) !Distain - Monokultur (Dark Unspoken) Suicidal Romance - Ecstatic (Felix Marc) Aiboforcen - Crysis (Lost EP) Faderhead - Sick City Black Heaven - Licht Bricht Dunkelheit Real Synthetic Audio

Monday, April 16, 2012

RSA 04/16/2012

This week I'm torn between playing with kittens, watching last nights Game of Thrones, and finishing RSA. Luckily for all of us RSA wins out over everything! This week I've gone back and cleaned up my in-pile a bit and archives some stuff.

Stahlfrequenz - Total Destruction
Mind.In.A.Box - Unknown (Club)
Re_Legion - Sentinel (Chrom)
Aiboforcen - Crysis (Interface)
!Distain - What Do You Want From Me (Lastrax)
Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Memories (Alien Produkt)
Fabrikc - Cherubim
SITD - Snuff Machinery (Extended)

Real Synthetic Audio

Monday, April 9, 2012

RSA 04/09/2012

Another week of great new music for everyone! There's been a lot of really great new music put out in the past month or so, and it's time to get as much of it played as we can!

Detroit Diesel - Dance Of The Dead
XP8 - Fragility
Raindancer - Technology
Spektralized - My Needs (Icon Of Coil)
Aesthetic Perfection - Hit The Streets (Alter Der Ruine)
Lowe - Breathe In Breathe Out (Club)
Nachtmahr - Can You Feel The Beat (Interface)
Second Version - Emotionfilled (Unique Strain)

Monday, April 2, 2012

RSA 04/02/2012

So now I'm managing to get the show done on time because I'm completely catted-out. See, I'm fostering 6 kittens and their Mom, and it's a lot of fun, but lot of work. Thats a lot of scooping, cleaning up accidents, and feeding. So escaping the computer room to work on the couch is a blessing. Nothing is climbing my leg like a tree!

Schwarzbund - Kalte Zeit
Readjust - Alone
Nachtmahr - Can You Fell The Beat
Blutengel - Nachtbringer
Chrom - Memories
And One - Shouts Of Joy (Club)
Titans - It's Dark
Aiboforcen - Light (Essence Of Mind)