Tuesday, November 26, 2013

RSA 11/25/2013

We listen to a lot of German music, so before I posted RSA this week I indulged in some fine German cuisine. Dr. Oetkers frozen pizza! Yeah, we've got a great new show for you, and the end of the year Best of 2013 is coming up soon, don't forget to email me your suggestions!

Ludovico Technique - Then I Found You (Shiv-R)
Stupre - Drag King V2
System Syn - Myth
Mesh - Adjust Your Set (Club)
Ruined Conflict - Forever (Digital)
Blume - Arclight
Vision Talk - Promises (Parralox)
Kraftwerk - Computer Love (The3rdMan)


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RSA 11/18/2013

OK, I'll take a quick break from playing The Walking Dead on my Xbox to get an RSA done for you all. :) No seriously, I've had to plan my spare time around when I can tear myself away from the TV lately. Especially with the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who coming up. But I can't let you guys done, so here's a great new show for everyone!

Massiv In Mensch - Friday Afternoon
Mesh - Adjust Your Set (Rob Dust)
Pulse State - Little Strangeling (Inversion)
iVardensphere - Bloodline
Ruined Conflict - Justified (Club)
Ginger Snap5 - Waiting For...
Nitro Noise - X (Terrolokaust)
System Syn - Breathe In


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RSA 11/11/2013

The days count down to the end of the year spectacular, but before we get there, we have to start on tracks eligible for 2014! Yep, we have a great new show for you with all new material, including some really awesome new stuff from Solar Fake.

Mechanical Cabaret - Detox Retox
Inter-Connection - Labyrinth
Solar Fake - Face Me
Technoir - Human Shapes
Aesthetic Perfection - Big Bad Wolf (A23)
Nitro Noise - Killer Fuelled Machine (XP8)
Kant Kino - Just For The Comfort Of Sleep (Klubbmix)
The .Invalid - Cry Wolf (Grendel)


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RSA 11/05/2013

I honestly thought today was Monday. So when I finished the show I thought I had another day to get the site in order. A glance at the calendar told me that I had better get cracking, so cracking I am!

Cryo - The Portal
Kant Kino - Just For The Comfort Of Sleep (Insomnia Edit)
Solar Fake - I Hate You More Than My Life
Solitary Experiments - Now Or Never
Aesthetic Perfection - Big Bad Wolf (Ashbury Heights)
Logic Division - Life Like Dust (Remastered)
Ginger Snap5 - Sail Away!
Syrian - In The End