Monday, March 25, 2013

RSA 03/25/2013

The last of the prizes barring the "grand prize" winners have been mailed out. Tom Shear was generous enough to send along copies of his new limited edition LP, but now I have to figure out how to get them to you in the mail without destroying them! While I figure that out, enjoy some great new music!

Code 64 - SD Sequence
Shadow System - Twisted Sex Malfunction
Blank - Dio Chemicals
Kant Kino - Push Your Buttons (Elec This!)
Mesh - When The City Breathes
Spektralized - To Be Recalled (Sebastien Komor)
Attrition - Narcissist
Vaylon - Sorrow

Monday, March 18, 2013

RSA 03/18/2013

Back on track, I've gotten a great deal of the membership drive prizes out in the mail, so make sure you keep an eye on your mailbox! This week we have a unique blend of the synthpop and the harsh to help you through your week at work or school. Enjoy!

Dekad - So Sorry (Extended)
Tenek - Elusive (Alien Six)
Kant Kino - Father Worked In Industry (Critical Mass)
De Tot Cor - Decay
Wynardtage - Nothing (Like a Prostitiute)
Shadow System - L'art De Moi (Ad Inferna)
Mesh - On.Anon
A7IE - Made Of Wrath (Sinfusion)

Real Synthetic Audio

Monday, March 11, 2013

RSA 03/11/2013

Back to the regularly scheduled program, and I even managed to get this weeks show done despite going on a bike ride or two this weekend. This week we swerve towards the synthpop side of the fence, with a couple of straight up EBM track to round everything out!

Sudeten Creche - Are Kisses Out Of Fashion
Unique Strain - Reunion Of Love
Supercraft - Stranded (Extended)
Vaylon - I'm With You
De Tot Cor - Decay
Faderhead - Shes Like Rain And Hate
Melotron - Stuck In The Mirror
Attrition - Narcissist (Angst Pop/Technomancer)

Monday, March 4, 2013

RSA 03/04/2013

The 2013 membership drive is over! I can't express enough how flattered and appreciative I am for all of your support. Without your support there simply would be no RSA. I've already started burning DVDs and Blu Ray discs to start mailing out prize packs! While you're waiting, might I suggest listening to this weeks show?

Sudeten Creche - Blood On The Carpet
Faderhead - Take your F*ckin' Meds
Mordacious - Fake
A7IE - Made Of Wrath (Es23)
Diversant 13 - Circle Of Decay
Unitary - My Profane
Iambia - Resist The Urge
Wynardtage - Sea of Agony