Monday, July 27, 2015

RSA 07/27/2015

So I've never had 2 weeks off in a row from work, and with my second week off, I got real industrious (pardon the pun) and got cracking on getting RSA complete. I can easily say that I'm so well caught up that there is no reason I could possibly get a show out late for like the next month. This week we've got some great new stuff as we put a compilation to bed, and even squeak in a cover tune!

Zombie Girl - Panic Attack (Avarice In Audio)
Entrzelle - Come Through (Violate)
Alkemic Generator - Back To Origin
Dominatrix - Alone (Agressive Pulsar)
Desastroes - My Inspiration
Dark Empire - Against The Storm Inside
Aesthetische - Sadness
Substaat - Watch (Technomancer & Angst Pop)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

RSA 07/20/2015

So my trip got cut short by a few days, something to do with several days of cycling through 32c and higher temps along with crazy humidity tends to induce heat stroke and severe exhaustion. But we learn from our experiences, and I still managed to get 450 or so km of riding in through picturesque New England countryside. But since I'm back early, I had better get a show together for everyone!

Psychic Force - Still Walking (Framework)
Neuvision - Body & Symphony
Eisfabrik - Ice Crystal (Melting Point)
Noisuf-X - Go
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Dance With Me Dance With The Devil (Alt)
Erotic Elk - Seal The Moment
In Good Faith - Under The Surface (Pos.2)
Monolithic - Fall Awake (Lars Hausmann)

Monday, July 6, 2015

RSA 07/06/2015

Welcome to another exciting week of RSA! This week we go through some of the great new stuff from my inbox, including some new and newer bands. There will be a 2 week hiatus after this as I take a well deserved vacation and cycle through the New England states and into Quebec. Bon voyage to me!

Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Epos Of The Argonauts (Syrian)
Eisfabrik - Unreal
In Good Faith - Its Tearing Me Apart (Schwarzbund)
Formalin - Above The Sun
Total Pain Kollapz - The Suicide Song (Pulse State)
Steril - Tanzt! (Evvilking)
Kretz - Gessellschaft (Deutsche Bank)
Noisuf-X - Aggrophil