Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bait and Switch Volume 2!

Happy new year!

Here's a very special New Years gift from both myself, DJ Todd and RSA program director Exii. 5 years ago we did a "mix tape" called Bait & Switch. After several missed attempts at another, we bring you Bait and Switch Volume 2!

Bait and Switch Volume 2!

In this mix you will find:

Depeche Mode - Precious (White Noise)
Assemblage 23 - Document (Echo Image)
Seabound - Domination
Real Life - Oblivion (Nevarakka)
Claire Voyant - Love The Giver (Covenant)
The Crystalline Effect - Jagged Edges (Advoxya)
Make Model - The Was (Autokratz)
Liquid Divine - Sojourner (Diskonnekted)
Solid Gold - Bible Thumper (Wotlie)
Camouflage - I Can't Feel You (Club)
Statemachine - I'm Love (Club)
Icon Of Coil - Access and Amplify (Club)
Project-X - Reminder (Jouni Ollila)
Royksopp - What Else Is There (Interactive)
The Fashion - Like Knives (Tiger Baby)
The Echoing Green - Heart With a View (Echo Image)

You can also get Bait and Switch Volume 1!

As always, stay tuned to Real Synthetic Audio!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

RSA 12/29/2008

Lo we have come to the end of the year for 2008. What that means is an extra special longer show where I go over what I thought was the best music of 2008. I got a number of suggestions for you, the listener, and I think that many of you will be pleasantly surprised. My only regret is that the harsher/noisier EBM bands didn't really release much of anything in 2008, so this year is a fairly poppy year. I hope you all enjoy my labour of love!

The Crystalline Effect - Hypothermia
Massiv In Mensch - Supermassive Gravity (Mind In A Box)
State Of The Union - Radioman (Club)
System Syn - Like Every Insect
Bobby - So Many Scars (Dynamikk)
Negative Format - Origins
Interface - North Star
Iris - Lands Of Fire (Mesh)
Elegant Machinery - Feel The Silence (Shapeless)
Ashbury Heights - Waste Our Love

Real Synthetic Audio - Check It Out

Sunday, December 21, 2008

RSA 12/22/2008

We have a very special show for you all this week as my Sister, DJ Mistress McCutchan, and I take turns and trade off on song picks this week. We did it last year, and I decided it must be a tradition! See if you can spot who picked what! :)

Novus - Liberty
Synthesis - Celas Del Ovido
Patenbrigade Wolff - Mauerradio (Club)
Kirlian Camera - Erinnerung
Girls Under Glass - Erinnerung (Living Dead)
Sensuous Enemy - It's A Sin
Clan Of Xymox - Courageous
Qntal - Departir

Real Synthetic Audio - Check it out!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

RSA 12/15/2008

No exploding server rooms this week brings us an on-time show! But I'm gonna be terse here for once. Just got a new (big) tattoo on my back and it's causing my attention span to fall rapidly. ADD is me.

Eloquent - Carte Blanche (Peoples Theatre)
Bobby - So Many Scars (Dynamikk)
Massiv In Mensch - Pink Dream
Patenbrigade Wolff - Stalinallee (Jugend Club)
The Azoic - Let Me Tell You Something (Interface)
Fake The Envy - Tell Me Tell Me (Extended)
The Crystalline Effect - Ialundra
Elegant Machinery - Move

Real Synthetic Audio - Check it out!

Monday, December 8, 2008

RSA 12/08/2008

How does work manage to get in the way of RSA when I work a 9 to 5 job again? Exploding server rooms on Sunday nights folks, thats how. But before I get my dinner tonight I'm getting this show out to you so everyone can enjoy thier week with a dose of great new music!

Cellmod - Trail Effect
Plague Sequence - Novamancer
Suicidal Romance - Our Game (Aesthetic Perfection)
Seize - Craving (Mushroom)
The Azoic - Ever (DJ Delobbo)
Nun - Nemo (Club Edit)
Lexsine - Ecos
Blind Faith & Envy - Gentle Delay (Neuroactive)

Check it out!