Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RSA 07/25/2011

Got the show done just in the nick of time, but didn't manage to get it posted until late. Blame a day at Toronto Island and dinner with friends to keep me a little bit behind. But never fear, I'm here finishing things up with some great new music for you!

Red Cell - Lost
AutoKratz - RISE
Aesthetic Perfection - The Devils In The Details
Synthetixxx - Le Vent Du Nord (Trance)
Imperative Reaction - Surface
Kite - Ways To Dance (Leaether Strip)
Solitary Experiments - Rise And Fall (P24)
Leaetherstrip - Sex Dwarf

Real Synthetic Audio

Sunday, July 17, 2011

RSA 07/18/2011

Summer is taking its toll again, but this week it's for our benefit. See, normally I go cycling all weekend, but today we're well into the 90s without even thinking about humidity, so I decided to stay indoors and work on RSA. Iced Tea and electro appeals to me much more than heat today!

People Theatre - Our Darkness
Felix Marc - The Garden Of Light
!Distain - Mediaeval Presence
Vision Talk - Unlike (People Theatre)
Imperative Reaction - Surface (Rotersand)
Level 2.0 - Evidence Of Existence
Spectra Paris - Size Zero (Blank)
Haujobb - Dead Market (Nomenklatur)

Real Synthetic Audio

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RSA 07/11/2011

Summer takes it's toll on my schedule once again, but this time I have to blame a temporary lack of internet access while I changed service providers. But never fear, the show was done, just posted a wee bit late.

Code 64 - Deviant (Spark!)
Die Funkhausgruppe - Die Zeit Steht Still
AutoKratz - Skin Machine
!Distain - Mein Weg (Laux)
Vision Talk - Unlike (Extended)
Covenant - Lightbringer (Speedrun II)
Felix Marc - The Muse
Wideband Network - The Machine

Real Synthetic Audio

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RSA 07/04/2011

Apologies for there not being a show last week, but I spent most of the week going back and forth to and from the Vet as one of my cats decided that she didn't really want functioning kidneys anymore. Luckily we were able to change her mind on that subject... But we're back with a great new show for you all!

Binary Park - Running
Ascii Disko - White Lines Black Lines
Die Funkhausgruppe - Space Odyssee
Felix Marc - Moscow Paris
!Distain - 100%
The Echoing Green - Sanctuary (Glen Nichols)
AutoKratz - Opposite Of Love
Babylonia - A Spreading Infection

Real Synthetic Audio