Tuesday, August 30, 2016

RSA 08/29/2016

I just couldn't get off my arse last night to get the show finished, and thats why its going up after work on Monday and not first thing on Monday morning. Keep your eyes peeled for news about a brand new RSA T-Shirt design! Next weeks show will be slightly delayed due to the labour day weekend, but until then we have...

Aesthetic Perfection - LAX
Pride & Fall - Army Of Ghost
Scheuber - Out Of Time
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Summers Day
Fredrik Croona - Follow The Blind (Controlled Collapse)
Dismantled - The Hero (Noonatac)
Clicker - Timeout (Club Edit)
Voicecoil - Perfect Dark (Ruined Conflict)


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RSA 08/22/2016

Toronto is slowly cooling off, so it was far more comfortable to actually work on the show this week. I sometimes say that I slaved over a hot hard drive, but lately this has been literally true. This week we hit the lighter synth-pop type stuff and clean up my in pile a bit.

Nordika - Delirious Passion (Oren Amram)
Parralox - Somebody II (People Theatre)
Foretaste - Paradise Of Broken Hearts
Insight - Damage (Technique)
Metroland - Brother (Sawtooth)
Celluloide - People Like Me (Consolation)
System Noire - On The Other Side
Avarice In Audio - Anthracite Nights (Junksista)


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

RSA 08/15/2016

With the incredible heat and humidity I actually had to stay in on Saturday. This is good for finishing the show. However, I then realized I would have to turn off all of the devices (Fan, AC, Dehumidifier) that were making my studio bearable in order to complete the show. So for a whole 15 minutes that I needed of silence, I sweated out RSA just for you. Literally this time.

Chrom - The Start Of Something New
Avarice In Audio - Juvenile Desires (Entrzelle)
Voicecoil - Perfect Dark (Imperative Reaction)
Nature Of Wires And CountessM - Reaction
Mesh - Kill Your Darlings (Aesthetic Perfection)
Metroland - Brother (Restriction 9)
Liquid Newt - Walk With Scars (Remix)
Spark! - Monolog


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

RSA 08/08/2016

I'm back after a nice long vacation, and I've got a really great show for everyone this week. I find that after I've taken some time off to recharge my batteries, the resulting show is really fun to listen to. I'm quite fond of this.

Liquid Newt - Walk With Scars (Diskonnected)
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - On The Other Side
Fredrik Croona - Without My Defences
Chrom - I Don't Beleive
System Noire - On The Other Side (ES23)
Nattskiftet - Bara Jobb (Xenturion Prime)
Metroland - Brother (Diem+Redux)
We The North - Understand Me (TourdeForce)