Sunday, February 23, 2014

RSA 02/24/2014

Welcome to the very last week of our annual membership drive! Yup, this is the very last time for another year where I beg you all for a small bit of your hard earned cash. But not only that as I bring you the culmination of a weeks toil, a fantastic new show with a tonne of great new music!

Advance - Dead Technology
Seabound - Everything
Surveillance - Rise
Cryo - In Your Eyes
Mordacious - Vicious
Namnambulu - Sorry (Ien Oblique)
Synapse - Memory
State Of The Union - Dancing In The Dark (Floor Mix)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

RSA 02/17/2014

Welcome to week three of our annual membership drive! After a week back in the Canadian winter, I am a lot less enthusiastic about being back in the Canadian winter. Way too cold and way too much snow. I wish there was a good middle ground where it didn't rain all of the time. But my hermit-like tendencies at this time of year are beneficial to you all, as I'm right on schedule for ...

Synapse - Signal 2 Noise
X-In June - Countdown 21
WANT/ed - Start To Live (Vision Talk)
Voster - V Dependent
Nitronoise - Armies In The Fire (Cutoff Sky)
Vanguard - On My Own (Optera Edit)
Namnambulu - Sorry (Rob Dust)
Technomancer - Blade Runner

Monday, February 10, 2014

RSA 02/10/2014

Welcome to week two of our annual membership drive! I'm back with batteries recharged after visiting my parents in sunny Florida. Got lots of cycling in, and far too much Key Lime Pie. The donation lines are still open, you've got time left to get your hands on one of our awesome prizes, including Kinetik photo books! Get geared up for Kinetik 2014 in Toronto!

Namnambulu - Sorry (Back To The Roots)
Faderhead - Every Hour Kills
X-In June - The Thief
Vanguard - Let Us Fall (Club)
OBK - Besos De Mentira (Silica Gel)
Want/Ed - Start To Live (Spektralized)
Psy'Aviah - Our Common Failure (Stereo For Two)
Cryo - The Portal