Sunday, February 16, 2014

RSA 02/17/2014

Welcome to week three of our annual membership drive! After a week back in the Canadian winter, I am a lot less enthusiastic about being back in the Canadian winter. Way too cold and way too much snow. I wish there was a good middle ground where it didn't rain all of the time. But my hermit-like tendencies at this time of year are beneficial to you all, as I'm right on schedule for ...

Synapse - Signal 2 Noise
X-In June - Countdown 21
WANT/ed - Start To Live (Vision Talk)
Voster - V Dependent
Nitronoise - Armies In The Fire (Cutoff Sky)
Vanguard - On My Own (Optera Edit)
Namnambulu - Sorry (Rob Dust)
Technomancer - Blade Runner


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