Tuesday, March 29, 2016

RSA 03/28/2016

A little bit slow this week, and I don't really have an excuse coming off of a long weekend. But for once I decided to take it easy and get a bit of reading done. Plus everything goes on hold while I binge Daredevil...

Sinestar - The Madness of Control
Llumen - Lux Aeterna (Aesthetische)
Schnodig - Nerver I En Bunt (SKL)
Omnimar - Wrong Direction (Binary Division)
Memmaker - Sex With A Robot
Cursed Earth Corporation - Just For The Record
Information Society - Dominion
Montraume - Parasite


Monday, March 21, 2016

RSA 03/21/2016

Welcome to the first RSA of spring! A time when young men start to think about getting outside and riding all weekend. Old men like me too. But never fear, RSA is always my very top priority by the end of the weekend. July might be a bit fun this year as my vacation time appears to be centered all right around that month...

Schnodig - Kosmodrom (Kant Kino)
Cutoff Sky - Confidence
Vaylon - Stars
Metroland - Music Machine
Evo-Lution - Controversy Between
Cursed Earth Corporation - About You
Llumen - Lux Aeterna (Avarice In Audio)
Sinestar - Falling


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

RSA 03/14/2016

No theme this week, back to playing great new music. Its also a challenge as I have a terrible cold right now (and hopefully the last one for the winter) but I still managed to get a show out for us all and a boat load of prizes in the mail. A few more to go, but at least I don't feel like I'm neglecting you all now!

Aesthetische - Unity
Cellmod - Graveyard Of Empires
Faderhead - Home Of The Creeps
Cutoff Sky - Night Like This
Metroland - Synthetic Sound
Rare Facture - Nothing Matters (Darren Weight)
Machinista - No Shuffle
Rotersand - Torn Realities (Extended)


Monday, March 7, 2016

RSA 03/07/2016

So earlier this week I was randomly listening to older music and decided that I was going to do a "back catalogue" show. Then I decided on a theme. Bands where the name starts with M or N. It actually turned out very very well, and I'm pretty impressed that what is essentially a random selection of music can be made to fit together so well. I guess my skills do, in fact, pay the bills!

Mono Chrome - Riveted
Moon.74 - Breath (Rob Dust)
Nothing Nada - Embrace
Negative Format - Distant Pulses (Remix)
Numb - Suspended
Moev - Suffer
Matrix - Future War
Necessary Response - Tomorrow


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

RSA 02/29/2016

This week, or today at least, is a weird one. I don't think we've ever had a show fall on Leap Day, and I'm happy to say that the membership drive is now over, and was a complete success! You've saved us for another year! I have all of the prizes in, and more than half of the DVDs and Blu-Ray discs burned, so I expect to start making large trips to the post office very soon!

Vigilante - We Are One (Neuroticfish)
Cellmod - Go Away (Neesheta)
Theatre Of Masquerade - Kalter Engel (Fine Difference)
Infernosounds - Lass Mich (Duettversion)
Faderhead - Escape Gravity
Rotersand - Torn Realities (Solar Fake)
Arctic Sunrise - Twilight (POS.2)
Dead Man Recovering - Pleasure (Real Dreamers)