Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RSA 05/20/2013

The Victoria day weekend (known in Canada as the May 2-4 weekend, after the size of a case of beer) is now behind us, and I am a wee bit late as I spent my long weekend cycling. But I never forgot about you nice folks, and I've got a great new show for you! See if you can spot the mistake I made in the show this week!

Dark Control Operation - Proud Soldier
Shadow System - Feel Me Fuck Me (De Tot Cor)
Suicide Commando - When Evil Speaks (Shiv-R)
Solitary Experiments - Trial And Error (Rotersand)
Imperative Reaction - Side Effect (Club)
Moon 74 - How I Feel (Frozen Plasma)
Nun - Stop! (People Theatre)
Cynical Existence - I'm Broken (Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1)

Real Synthetic Audio


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