Tuesday, September 29, 2015

RSA 09/28/2015

Wound up spending the weekend indoors watching over a cat recovering from medical attention. But while I spent a glorious cycling weekend indoors I did manage to get a couple of episodes of RSA done. The next few weeks may eve contain some best of show material. With Christmas coming, new releases coming out left and right!

Dekad - Slowmotion
Avarice In Audio - World Without Song (Benjamins Plague)
Technolorgy - Damsel In Distress (Ginger Snap5)
Foretaste - For Your Own Good (Commuter)
Aesthetic Perfection - Never Enough (VAC)
Schwarzblut - Judas (Binary Division)
Hocico - Forgotten Tears (Blutengel)
Aiboforcen - Tears (Set Me Free)



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