Tuesday, September 15, 2015

RSA 09/14/2015

A wet dreary weekend (dare I say, a pleasant English weekend?) here in Canada leaves me plenty of time to work on this weeks radio show. This week I tended to clear out a few discs that have been sitting in my inbox for a while. Christmas is coming, and there will be a lot of new discs to sort through. Heavy on the synthpop this week, and the opposite next week!

Metroland - Triadic Ballet (Passengers In Turmoil)
Arctic Sunrise - Nothing More
Neuvision - Body & Symphony (Ygrod Droid)
Caisaron - Einsam
!Distain - Gunfires (Tom XOR)
Monolithic - Like A Fire (Lars Hausmann)
Machinista - Picture Frame Eternity
Blutkraft - Leave The Dancefloor (Anouk Miller)



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