Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RSA 08/06/2012

Yeah, its less than 2 weeks before I get remarried, and I'm totally not stressing about it. Everything is perfectly planned! Really! We'll be here for a show next week, but I'll be taking a week of afterwards because I've been threatened with death if I have my notebook out at the reception.

Raindancer - Hope Flickers
Second Version - Icebreaker (Musicshaker)
Readjust - Stab My Back
Stray - Let Me Go (Grendel)
Spreading Point - Emotional Ice Ace (Lustobjekt)
Dekad - Tell Me (Club)
Grendel - Chemicals and Circuitry (2012)
Foretaste - Alone With People Aound (People Theatre)



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