Tuesday, May 15, 2012

RSA 05/14/2012

So I managed to get fairly flattened by a summer cold over the last few days and thats managed to put a crimp on a few things, like getting the show done on time because my throat is still sore. Plus I'm several days behind so there just isn't going to be a show next weekend. Heck, it's a long weekend in Canada, I've earned a weekend off!

Painting The Prototype - False Romance (Rename)
Goteki - Silent War (Method Cell)
Diskonnekted - Yesteryears
Essence Of Mind - Retreat
Manic Bloom - Everything I Saved From You (Ungrateful)
Peter Heppner - I Won't Give Up
Silica Gel - A 10,000 Kilometros (Edit)
Second Version - Und Dann Kamst Du Original

Real Synthetic Audio


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