Sunday, February 20, 2011

RSA 02/21/2011

Welcome to the third week of the RSA Membership drive! We're off to a great start and more and more prizes are rolling in! Make sure you make a donation to help keep RSA going for another year, and for a chance to get your hands on one of those prizes! This weeks show is also brought to us by our program director, Chris. He sent me a whack of tracks a few months ago and I've decided to mine it heavily. Really digging this band Vaylon!

Jens Bader - Highly Civilized
The Tapeaters - Satellite (Lifelike)
Dual Density - Undress (Distain!)
NUN - Here 4 U (Minerve)
Versus - We Are Cloned (Digital Edition)
XP8 - The Art Of Revenge (Studio-X)
Channel East - Who You Are
Vaylon - The Betrayal

Real Synthetic Audio
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