Monday, January 31, 2011

RSA 01/31/2011

I think this is the first time I've used a picture of a remixer on the site. We live in a world of firsts... Some great new stuff this week, including a track or two from the utterly awesome new Patenbrigade Wolff disc. Stay tuned, as the membership drive is coming next week!

Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Lifeless (Led Manville)
Massiv In Mensch - Die Kybernauten
Ghost & Writer - Integrity (The Alpha Conspiracy)
Alien Produkt - The Next Chapter (Wynardtage)
Komor Kommando - Rhythm Machine (KC Killjoy)
Patenbrigade Wolff - Voyage (Desireless Club Mix)
Wynardtage - A Flicker Of Hope (Extended)
Suicide Commando - Death Cures All Pain (SITD)

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