Sunday, October 21, 2018

RSA 10/22/2018

Its a strange weekend at RSA central as we're past the Canadian Thanksgiving, but the American version is yet to come, and Christmas is well off. However when your family spends its winter in Florida, you have to combine holidays and get them in before your parents are gone for 6 months! So as I finish the show I can smell turkey in the oven and I have pie to look forward to! So here's my early Christmas gift to you all!

C-Tec - Stateless
Projekt Ich - Forgotten Dreams (RMP)
!Distain - Wer Im Kreise Geht
Vyrtual Zociety - Virtual Flag (DJ Fixed Ex2v3)
Broken Ego - Get Away (Hoof Club)
Soman - New Lead
All The Ashes - Break Out (Thomas Dark)
Interface - Dangerous Game


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