Monday, September 26, 2016

RSA 09/26/2016

As noted below, we are now accepting pre-orders on the new 2016 RSA T-Shirt! We've hit the minimum number of orders to actually produce it, and we're going to hold off until October 7th to place the order. Apparently people want to have paycheques in their bank accounts before ordering. Who knew? This week I get to break out more Facebook photos for the show as we feature people I've actually met!

Scheuber - Human
Chrom - Visions (Blutengel)
Beborn Beton - 24-7 Mystery (Val Solo)
Assemblage 23 - December
Foretaste - One By One
Diorama - Defcon
Mesh - The Fixer (Olafs Mended)
Syntec - Catch My Fall (Scott Bell)


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