Monday, April 18, 2016

RSA 04/18/2016

Apparently last week I completely forgot to update the RSS feed, thankfully someone pointed that out on Thursday. I also am happy to announce that the T-Shirts are sold out, and I'll be gauging interest in a new design in the fall. Finally, we get to the new show, and I even managed to get it done on time while cycling all weekend! Shock!

Entrzelle - Stormchaser (Avarice In Audio)
Lights Of Euphoria - True Life (Resurrection)
Hydroxie - Seelen Im Licht (Cygnosic)
Arctic Sunrise - Twilight (Computerband)
Blaqk Audio - Waiting To Be Told
Tyske Ludder - Verbrannte Erde
Llumen - Cold In December (Diskonnekted)
Avarice In Audio - The Cassandra Complex (2016)


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