Monday, February 9, 2015

RSA 02/09/2015

Welcome to the second show of the annual RSA membership drive! As always, we spend the month of February panhandling, begging our listeners for money. Make sure you get in on the chance to win one of many cool prizes from both us here at RSA and from the many bands and labels that support RSA! This week we go a little more down-tempo, as I somehow got in the mood for a lot of 120bpm tracks.

ReAdjust - Ego (HertzFabrik)
Angels And Agony - Shine
Second Version - Bis ans Ende (Dark Empire)
Mondtraume - Far From Pain (Nordika)
Cosmopolite - Lamps You'll See
Loewenhertz - Gemeinsame Zeiten
Seelennacht - Keeping Hope
Nine Seconds - No Shuffle


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