Monday, November 17, 2014

RSA 11/17/2014

Apparently I didn't suck, or at least I didn't in the manner that I expected. I made a transcription error in the play list last week, and thought I had played the same song two weeks in a row. However, this week I managed to play a track that has already appeared in RSA. See if you can spot it! I'd be irritated with myself, but it was damn good anyhow!

Binary Park - She's Insane (Distortion)
Noir - The Bells (Interface)
Solitary Experiments - Epiphany (Hypervisor)
Iris - Don't Cry
Twisted Destiny - Moments
Psy'Aviah - Before I Die (Diana S)
Vanguard - A Brighter Day (KC Killjoy)
XP8 - We Felt Nothing


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