Sunday, February 5, 2012

RSA 02/06/2012

Welcome to the first week of the membership drive! We've got a great show to go along with me constantly begging for money, and as a special bonus I'm going to do at least one extra long theme show this month as a way of saying thank you! But until then...

Nachtmahr - Verrater an Gott (Memmaker)
God Module - Afraid Of The Light
Steinkind - Es Wird Zeit (Extended Club)
Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman (Combichrist)
Auto Auto - Starcharts
Straftanz - Du Stirbst Aus (Santa Hates You)
Encephalon - The Transhuman Condition
System Syn - Ordinary Life

Please check the Membership page!

Real Synthetic Audio


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