Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RSA 06/13/2011

We're back on track with another great new show for everyone! Beginning this year we're going to move to "summer hours" and RSA will be posted on Tuesdays instead of Mondays so that I can enjoy the entirety of my weekends. Yeah, I'm turning into Kraftwerk and spending far too much time on my bicycle...

The Crystalline Effect - Core Reaction
Patenbrigade Wolff - Tele Lotto
!Bang Elektronika - Flasche In Der Hand
Acylum - Glock 17 (KrachMaschine)
Sleepwalk - Dig Your Grave (Supreme Court)
Syncrotek - Access Denied
Level 2.0 - Battle Sight Zer0
X-Fusion - Just A Scar

Real Synthetic Audio


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