Sunday, February 21, 2010

RSA 02/22/2010

OK, we are now in the home stretch. This is the final week of the membership drive! Those of you who have been with us for a while will know that this is the time of year where All of the bills for the show come due and I go begging for money! But I always have a whack of wonderful prizes! Even more prizes have arrived, so make sure to check out the membership page to see the ever increasing list of CDs, T-Shirts, etc. to be won! Dig deep and consider donating to help keep RSA alive for another year!

Santa Hates You - Rocket Heart (Soman)
Level 2.0 - Armageddon
X Marks The Pedwalk - Seventeen (Extended)
X-Divide - Sympathy (Namnambulu)
State Of The Union - Dancing In The Dark (Led Manville)
Destroid - Silent World (SITD)
Suicide Commando - God Is In The Rain (SDF)
Nitzer Ebb - Once You Say (Celluloide)

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