Saturday, November 14, 2009

RSA 11/16/2009

I'd like to apologize for the 2 week absence of RSA. I managed to get terribly ill for very nearly 2 weeks, and decided (rightly) that working on the show wasn't a very good idea while I attempted to recuperate. Don't worry, I'm much better now and Chris berated me for not telling him and getting him to do a guest show. My bad!

Implant - The Dive (Shiv-R)
Solitary Experiments - Immortal
Terminal Choice - Keine Macht (Agonoize)
Future Trail - Breaking New Ground
Lacuna Coil - I Like It (Interface)
Leiahdorus - When It's Dark I'm Five Again
SITD - Rot v2.0 (Extended)
Mesh - Who Says

Real Synthetic Audio


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